network rail footbridge, uk


Competition, 2018

Design Approach

Our proposal is for a modular footbridge design, which embraces the technical and functional aspects of the brief requirements and breaks down the elements into simple standardized components. The material palette is defined, yet it allows sufficient flexibility to be adapted in a range of different scenarios.


Our design breaks down the brief into 3 basic elements that are treated with a similar material approach: bridge, lifts and stairs. Each of these elements equally incorporates 3 components: solid lateral planes, a translucent enclosure and flexible connections. In turn, these 3 components correspond to the 3 material families of the palette: stone, glass and metal.


The design uses a 900mm grid in all three axes, which has been developed from the consideration of the dimensions in the brief and design requirements. This relatively small grid allows the overall dimensions to be adjusted in small increments, making it adaptable to any number of platforms, lifts and stairs, and also usable for other means of access such as ramps.